Real fruits. No sugars.

Introducing the world's first real-fruit, no-sugars fruit drink. Yep that's right, not even any natural sugars are allowed into this party.

No Sugars

Our unique infusion process locks in all of the fruity flavour and kicks out all of the sugar.

Naturally Fruity

How do we achieve such a natural fruity taste? Two words amigo: real fruit. Simples.

Low Calorie

No-one wants to drinks calories. That’s why there’s as little as 15 calories per bottle of PHROOTI.

Live your fruity dream

Our Founder, Jerôme, was selling the tasty real-fruit hot drink he had invented when he realised he’d actually developed a process to achieve a tasty real-fruit bottled drink without any of the sugars you’d normally find in a juice or smoothie (which can sometimes be as high as 51g per bottle!). The result? A naturally-fruity-tasting bottle of heaven to take on those weird-tasting coconut water thingymajigs.

Sheffield is our home. Made with love in England.

PHROOTI are proud to support the regeneration of British wildflower meadows which have declined by a staggering 97% in the last century. By partnering with conservation charity Plantlife, PHROOTI are poised to adopt their first acre of wildflower meadows at Deep Dale in the Peak District.


The glass bottles dreams are made of

Blackcurrants, Blackberries, & Blueberries

Blackcurrants, Blackberries & Blueberries

250ml Fruit Infused Water
Fabulous forest fruits to detox & refresh you.
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Ingredients: Water infused with blackcurrants, blackberries and blueberries (99.9%), natural flavouring, lemon juice.

Raspberries & Strawberries

250ml Fruit Infused Water
Scrumptious summer berries to revitalize & reinvigorate you.
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Ingredients: Water infused with raspberries and strawberries (99.9%), natural flavouring, lemon juice.


You can write to us at:
PHROOTI Ltd, Kroto Innovation Centre, Broad Lane, Sheffield, S3 7HQ

Stocking PHROOTI

If you’re a shop, deli, café or other outlet; stocking PHROOTI is a breeze. Orders can be made by simply contacting our distribution partners below: